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Human Design is a system that provides you with a map. This map is precise as it can be, with beautifully illustrated details, showing you a path to the biggest treasure you can find in the entire world - your uniqueness. There is no one like you. You are the one and only masterpiece of art, and I have proof. This proof is your chart in a form of a bodygraph that represents the most detailed aspects of your nature. It illustrates the flow of life running through you. 


You are a being that in essence is incredibly beautiful music, like a song, containing many sounds and a variety of different aspects, and you can play this music with harmony or disharmony. Since the moment you were born those sound frequencies came together to play the most original symphony of your essence. But guess what? You may feel like you never got the instructions on how to be the conductor of this orchestra, and how to play.

living out of sync 

When the symphony of your being is out of balance, it means that some of the sounds did not find a proper way to express themselves. They came up at the wrong time, or maybe the movement of the instrument was not correct, and some of them did not play at all when the moment was there to shine. We all experience it. So many contradictions in us, different parts that are not always on the same page. Mostly consumed with the things we do not like in ourselves or others. So we live in a world of many lost people, who forgot who they are, and instead of being this unique masterpiece, they simply try to be like the others. To belong, to fit in, to be something or someone „better”. 

your body has a treasure map

Sometimes, it takes a long way to come back to yourself, some people do not have this amazing opportunity to fully express their authentic essence. They may wish there was a map helping them to make decisions in which direction to go, to find the treasure of living their true nature. This map is available to every person on this planet, it lies in our bodies.

Magic of your bodygraph

Human Design bodygraph can show you many things, but the most important are:

  • It shows you how you are designed to live from your body, to move through life with your unique energetic presence, and to experience more peace, satisfaction, success, and surprise.

  • It shows you how you are designed to make decisions based only on your inner authority, free from the influence of people and things that condition you to be or do something not aligned with your true nature.

  • It shows you your unique gifts and talents, and pinpoint the areas of potential for great wisdom.

  • It shows you the purpose of your life and how to align yourself with the direction that is correct for the unfolding of this purpose. 

  • It shows you the dynamics in your relationships and helps you experience them with more ease and flow, allowing more love, acceptance, and compassion, instead of blame and fault.


When you first generate your chart, you may be confused. All these geometric shapes, lines, colors, and numbers. You may have no idea how to even start looking at that. If you are ready to go into the depth of the Human Design System and need support with understanding your bodygraph and finding out the details about your configuration I am here to help you.

decoding your
authentic imprint


By diving deep into the explanation of your unique gifts, the purpose of your energy, and the way you are designed to follow the wisdom of your body and master the signs from your environment, I am here to initiate you into becoming aligned with what is already waiting to be expressed, deep at the core - the symphony of your being shining brightly into the world.

Human Design System is a body of knowledge that needs to be unpacked over time. There is so much information, variables and context that the best way to get to know your unique design is to take it step-by-step. Each layer you are going to discover is a profound realisation that can completely change your life, but it needs to be embodied and experimented with, not only learned. 

When you discover your Human Design chart you are probably wondering what this graphic can show you. You may be confused what it all represents, no wonder, it can be quite complicated.

I have created a
FREE E-BOOK that will help you to discover what is the Purpose of your Unique Frequency.

You are going to discover a few things:


  • How to create your chart using authorised free websites.

  • The right way to look at your bodygraph and where to start exploring to avoid losing yourself in too many details at the beginning.

  • When you know what certain elements of your chart represent, you will discover the best way to learn about elements of your design, which includes free and paid options.

  • You will discover which components of your chart can inform you about your Life's Purpose and how to understand it.

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