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THE KINGDOM OF PURPOSE  is the most advanced package I offer and this program is meant to impact you on so many levels. It holds all of the ways I work, so you can be supported in experimenting with your Human Design Journey in every way possible. 

This Beautiful Journey includes


3 months intensive group journey, that brings you to the E
mbodiment of  Your Essence. First we need to put the Mind & Body in a right place in your life. 
 You can read full description here.

After that, you we are going on a deep journey to of the unfoldment of your Uniqueness in every detail. You will experience 6 Private Sessions that are meant for diving into:

THE SYMPHONY (2 sessions) 

Your strengths, traits, and talents. We are going to cover conscious and unconscious way on how show up in the world as yourself, that are unique only to you, and nobody else. You are going to discover your individual creative direction in life and become aligned with the true expression of your being.

ou will find how your design influences your:


  • Core Essence

  • Grounding and Balance

  • Past Direction

  • Future Direction

  • Your Environment

  • Your Perspective

  • Driving Focus & Driving Force

  • Communication and Thinking

  • Values in Relationships & Love

  • Mutative Energy Dynamic

  • The Teaching & Expansion You Bring

  • The Constrains & Discipline for your Life

  • Innovation & Unusualness 

  • Art & Spirituality

  •  Your Truth & Psychology.  

THE PURPOSE (1 session) 

We are going to look at the way you are designed to express your Core Frequency and what is the nature of the Role You Play in this lifetime as an individual, in relationships, collectively and on a material plane.

THE STAGE (1 session) 

Bringing it all together and connecting you with a deep understanding of where and with who you are designed to fulfil your purpose and specific qualities of the stage is meant to unfold. This is all about the plot of the movie in your life and who is your audience.
 We are also going to look at the Cycle you are in right now and what it means for the development of  your Purpose.

THE HERO'S JOURNEY (1 session) 

This session is all about the practical implementation of the information you have received by checking with your inner authority what is correct for you to experiment with. We go deep into your biggest questions. It is all about real-life stories, struggles, victories, and experiences. When you connect with my work, I wish to witness „The Hero’s Journey” if you desire to share it.


Type of meetings: live via Zoom.
Duration: 10 weeks Group Sessions + 6 Private Sessions / 1.5 - 2 hours per meeting.
1199 (possibility of a payment plan - 3 installments of  € 400 or 4 installments of €300).


do you want to join? 
you can pay in full or choose a payment plan.

The group will be small - a maximum of 7 participants. Dates for a Private Sessions will be set based on your individual preferences.

When you look at the ways you can connect with me through my work, you might not know what is the best choice for your needs. If that is the case, I want to offer you a free Strategy Zoom Call. It is a great way to see if what I offer might be for you, and when you decide to continue your Human Design Journey with me, we already have great insight into the direction we should go. You can book the free call here.

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