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 human design journey with me... 

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You may have explored your Human Design chart in the past or you just started, and one thing happens for you - there are so many details that seem to be all over the place. You read online about one characteristic, and it seems true but it may contradict what you have found out about yourself  from different aspect of your chart, and they are many... profile, gates, channels, lines, colours, tones, incarnation crosses, planets and list go on and on... Can be overwhelming, I know.

I remember in the beginning of my Human Design Journey, reading about myself being this enthusiastic, energetic & joyful being but another trait says I am withdrawn, avoiding & basically totally depressed... Well, both were true but I wanted to understand why I hold so many contradictions.



Other contradictions may look like these:


You are a Manifestor and they tell you that your time is over (like you are retired) but you have a great impact & you will change the world, they are waiting for you to initiate but when you do then everyone is intimidated & afraid of you and "your aura basically sucks so... go away". 

Or you are a Generator who found out that you should be like a shy girl hopefully waiting for someone to ask her to dance on a party... or they tell you to respond to what lights you up but then you should not act when you are too excited because you have an Emotional Authority. 

They tell you you are a Manifesting Generator so you should be energized and fast, and maybe sometimes you are (at least you know this potential is there) but most of the time you are slow & sluggish because your job is draining & without coffee, you feel like you do not exist... And then you get annoyed reading all these Instagram Human Design motivational posts telling you how much power you have... but you know deep down that your power is scattered and you start so many things, yet barely finish...

You are a Projector and they tell you that you are a new leader with so much wisdom and mastery but you should "shut up & do nothing till you are invited" & you may think "What I should then do? Because this world is not allowing me to just wait like a princess and I need to earn money to eat...

Zrzut ekranu 2023-10-6 o

You are a Reflector and they tell you "You are sooo rare" but nobody has any idea what it means to be you, there is barely any information about your type because 1.5 % of Reflectors who make up the world population is not really much & 99 % of them haven't even heard about Human Design... so you feel misunderstood no matter what & "world is going to shit anyway so why bother". 


Sounds familiar?

Well.. for some of you yes, for some of you not because Human Design is a science of differentiation so it is impossible to grasp who you are from a generic descriptions in any book (even from the original source material) or in any post on Social Media. When Human Design found me, so much made sense but description of my closed Manifestor Aura that repels others was not true for me. I did not feel like I have pushed others away. Quite the opposite. People asked me for hugs. Seriously. This is opposite of what I have learned in the beginning of my experiment, from my basic readings. Now I know that I am a Manifestor with only tribal life force which is about touch, I also have touch determination & touch environmental tones. You may wonder what the hell it all means but basically it means I am a touchy feely sensitive person but a Manifestor who has closed energy field, not allowing others to get in... People feel it in my aura. Can you imagine how much paradox I hold in my frequency? My aura literally says "Hug me please, "Fu*k off please". At the same time. Universe likes to joke. I now laugh. Haha. And yes, I allow others to hug me, I actually like it, for a very brief moment. Then I tell them to "Fu*k off!" and all is good. You know why is all good? Because it is my weird, full of paradoxes, unique nature & when I embrace it, others do too. 

There is so many more examples like that, I could go on and on. But the most important point is that your chart needs to be red in context with every other aspect in your design and this is what makes you unique. The paradoxes. Contradictions. It makes you interesting, it makes you you. "You are unique" may sound cliche but you know what? When you know how to read this damm Human Design code, you realize that finally, this cliche has some proof in the logic of this system. Artificial Intelligence can not clone & and replicate that. No way. The art of reading this code is truly an art & and you need to experience a human for that because it is... Human Design.


An in-depth journey through your chart is the one that can weave the story of each trait of your Essence in context with everything else that is present in your design, in a relationship to all of you. Not just a single separate description. If you want that, you will find it online, somewhere. Bits and pieces. Do you want puzzles from the internet or the real once-in-a-lifetime story? Do not get me wrong, your own self-study and research can be an incredible adventure but it takes a lot of time and dedication, and very often training to understand this code. It takes a lot of love of logic and poetry of keynoting. 

When you come to me, you will get the detailed symphony. This is what brings me the most joy in the whole world - looking at Human Design charts & connecting with people who have no idea (yet) how incredibly beautiful they are designed. 
I profoundly give a shit that you get the whole, nuanced picture of  Your Unique Magic and that's why I became a Human Design Professional who knows how & loves to read this damm Human Design code. You have no idea how much. 


I want to sing, together with you The Song of You & I will be honoured if you accept this invitation...



YOUR UNIQUE MAGItransmission

an in-depth journey through
the getaways of  your essence 

1st gateway - your north star

This step is going to help you to let go of making decisions based on external conditioning, and instead, you will start to trust your own body signals which tell you what is correct for you. Each person has a unique and sophisticated navigation system that is in alignment with their energetic field, and you can find it in the configuration of your chart. It is about your energetic presence, strategy to move through life with flow and ease, and connecting you with your Inner Authority - the signalling of your body sensations - purely somatic experience. The biggest transformation that Human Design System can bring is for you to become your own authority, and to trust so deeply in yourself that no matter what the external world is saying, you always come back to what is true for you and only you. We all have different types of internal navigation tools, some of them are in the moment like gut feeling or intuition, instinct, or pattern recognition. Some of them are connected to emotional processes and require time, and some inner authorities are expressed through listening to the spontaneous, not planned expression of your voice. There are also rare authorities connected to the environment like sound boarding or lunar cycle. 

I will give you an example, let's say your Human Design Chart says you have a Splenic Authority. I won't tell you to listen to your Intuition, which you might have red online. What does it even mean? Is your Splenic Awareness visual so you can recognize the logical pattern or lack of it through what you see like for example fake body language or signs of a lie in a mili seconds of someone's face mimic  expression? Or maybe your Inner Authority is instinctive so it is about your smell or touch that tells you something is healthy or unhealthy for you? Does this stink to you? Run away. Or are you auditory intuitive knower who hears that something is correct for you or not in someone's voice & you also just know things before they happen & can not explain how you know but you just know? Maybe you have all of these ways. How does it translate to the practicality of your life? Now you understand why "Follow your Intuition" is not enough. You will get the answers to these questions in a practical, tangible description of your unique code. 
One thing is common, Inner Authority is always coming from the body or connection of the body with the environment. In this part, we will dive deep into your specific body sensations, to connect you with the map that leads you to the biggest treasure there is - living your life uniquely as yourself. 


2nd gateway- in the eye of the storm

This step is designed to help you recognise the areas in your life where you can become vulnerable and be easily taken off track from following your inner authority. We are going to focus on gaining a much deeper awareness of how your mind can control and sabotage your decision-making process through your Openness. At the same time, we will discuss the advantages of your specific configuration and how to see the challenges as a potential for great wisdom and something you can help other people with because you went through it yourself. We all experience pain during our lifetime, and most of it comes from the stories our minds tell us. You may recognise in yourself some of those stories:

  • Are you still trying to improve yourself because your mind tells you that you are not enough?

  • Are you avoiding the necessary truth, because your mind tells you that it is just easier to avoid confronting what you really feel?

  • Are you still feeling lost, not knowing what is your direction in life, because your mind tells you that you should be something and have a clear vision for yourself?

  • Are you still trying to find „a perfect love” because your mind tells you that „grass is always greener” in a different place, with different people?

  • Are you still holding on to the things, habits, places, and people who do not serve you because you fear that if you let go of those, you won’t survive?

  • Are you still looking for certainty in life because your mind tells you that you should have knowledge and education in order to be sure and make „the right” decisions? 

  • Do you not know when enough is enough? Are constantly busy, trying to do everything by yourself, trapped in a „fight or flight” mode, and with time, becoming so exhausted that your nervous system shuts down and you are barely able to take care of your basic needs?

  • Are you losing focus and thinking about things that are not important to you, getting easily distracted from what you know you should be focusing on?

  • Are you in a constant hurry, trying to get rid of the pressure, adding more and more tasks to your "to do list" ?

  • Are you trying to get attention because your mind tells you that you are invisible? 

You might have answered yes to some of these questions. These are just a few of the many areas of human experience we are going to dive deeper into and you will get practical solutions that can help you to overcome those obstacles. In order to embody the uncensored, and unique expression of our being we need to investigate what kind of mind stories are controlling our decision-making process and what to do about it. You will learn to recognise The Not-Self Story of Your Mind & discover how these "pain points" can actually transform into incredible wisdom. Those white places in your chart are awesome & the worst at the same time, so let's explore how to navigate it so you can live your life, without suffering by trying to chase what you are not. 

3rd gateway - the symphony

This step is going to be ready for you when you can hear your inner guidance, even if everything outside of you is trying to suppress it. It is here to help you connect with your individual creative self-expression. Your Human Design chart provides detailed information about your unique gifts and the nature of your essence. It is often probably something you took for granted or you are not even aware of having these beautiful traits because it is just an effortless frequency of your being. You need to know that this frequency is something only you emit in the entire world and it is the most precious treasure that needs to be found and cherished. For me, as a Human Design professional, supporting you in recommitting to your creative expression is the most rewarding work I can do. 

It is like singing the Song of Your Essence, with nuanced, sophisticated sounds that together create the symphony of your beautiful energetic blueprint.  We are going to cover conscious and unconscious way on how show up in the world as yourself, that are unique only to you, and nobody else.

You will find how your design influences your:

  • Core EssenceSun Placements

  • Grounding and BalanceEarth Placements

  • Past DirectionSouth Node Placements

  • Future Direction North Node Placements

  • Your EnvironmentDesign Node Placements

  • Your PerspectivePersonality Node Placements

  • Driving Focus & Driving ForceMoon Placements

  • Communication and Thinking Mercury Placements

  • Values in Relationships & LoveVenus Placements

  • Mutative Energy DynamicMars Placements

  • The Teaching & Expansion You BringJupiter Placements

  • The Constrains & Discipline for Your LifeSaturn Placements

  • Innovation & UnusualnessUranus Placements

  • Art & SpiritualityNeptune Placements

  • Your Truth & PsychologyPluto Placements 

I  fully dedicate my heart to initiating you to see how incredible you are when you embody your uniqueness. By supporting you to do that, you are going to walk the path of true transformation. Through the storm and yet being your own North Star navigating the depth of life, playing the Symphony of Your Essence & aligning yourself with Your Unique Magic, ready to embrace your Life Purpose.

4th gateway - the stage

This step is all about your Life Purpose. Before I tell you more, you should know that you are the Purpose of Your Life. It has certain details, characteristics, a trajectory, and a specific stage that it is meant to unfold. There is nothing to search for anymore, your purpose is not somewhere to find. It is already here. It has always been here. The only thing that is preventing you from aligning yourself with it is making decisions based on your mind's stories, instead of embodied alignment with your inner guidance…but do not worry, the first and second gateways are going to help you with this dilemma. 

We are going to look at the way you are designed to express your Core Frequency & what is the nature of the Role You Play in this lifetime as an individual, in relationships, collectively, and on a material plane. Bringing it all together and connecting you with a deep understanding of where and with whom you are designed to fulfil your purpose, and the specific qualities of the stage that is meant to unfold. This is all about the plot of the movie in your life and who is your audience. We are also going to look at the Cycle you are in right now and what it means for the development of your Purpose. 

Remember, it is always your Inner Authority that decides if these aspects are for you to experiment with or not... it is your movie.


5th gateway - the hero's journey

This step is all about the practical implementation of the information you have received by checking with your inner authority what is correct for you to experiment with. We go deep into your biggest questions. It is all about real-life stories, struggles, victories, and experiences. When you connect with my work, I wish to witness you walking "The Hero’s Journey" if you desire to share it. There is nothing more inspiring for me than looking at the world and seeing emerging leaders who are willing to lead themselves, embodying their deepest, most authentic nature and practically creating a new paradigm during these uncertain and changing times.

It touches me deeply when I  witness us - Heroes, Beings of Love - living this life.

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you can pay in full or choose the payment plan

duration & form of this OFFER

Type of meeting: Prerecording of a full reading (video & audio)
+ 1 Live Zoom Session for all of your questions. 

Duration: 2 hours of Prerecorded Video + 1 (2 hours long) Live Session
Extra materials: Slide Presentations.

The best part? Discovery Session is for free! We will explore the needs and desires for your life that & how Human Design can help you on this trajectory. You will get to know me and my frequency & experience the impact of my work. I will meet you however you are in life & support you with my expertise as well as my humanness because I deeply care that you make decisions that are in alignment with what you truly need & want. So if we commit to work together, it is going to be only because we both have a clear hell yes in our bodies. Interested ? Then do not wait & book the free Discovery Session now ! 

before you commit... let's meet

your unique magic TRANSMISSION


your unique magic TRANSMISSION

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