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private 1-on-1 session

No matter if you are new to Human Design, or you have already experimented with this system for some time, this 1-on-1 session is meant to initiate you into seeing yourself or whatever you are going through right now in a totally different light. It is dedicated for people who just start but also for those who need initiation at any time during their experiment.

When you just start learning about your chart, there might be a lot of information and details to dive into but the most important step is to know how to make decisions that are in alignment with your truth, and in Human Design we call it following your Type, Strategy and Authority. You might have researched something online, there is quite a lot of information about general things - some of them are excellent but there is quite a lot of misinformation as well. In any case, this system is a science of differentiation - each of us is unique. For example, 68 % of the human population has an aura type called Generator, but every Generator is different. If you want to know how to make decisions as yourself, according to the wisdom of your body, I recommend starting with a 1-on-1 session called  
BRACE FOR IMPACT which covers the most important aspects of your design.

We dive deep and cover the nuances of your individual navigation system & your strengths that dictate your unique  frequency in this life time. 


  • Find out the type of your AURA you have and how you are designed to move through life in alignment with your unique energetic presence.

  • Discover the magic of your  STRATEGY  helping you to experience more ease and flow in your everyday life.

  • Connect with your INNER AUTHORITY, surrendering more and more to the wisdom of your body’s specialised guidance helping you to make decisions that are in resonance with your correct frequency.

  • Get to know your STRENGTHS - your incredible superpowers that create your unique life force.

I do not want to just give you information and „off you go”. I want to give you my time and support and help you resolve any confusion you might have. I call this the THE HERO'S JOURNEY and including this component in every session is a very important part of working with me. 

This session is also perfect if you have already experimented with Human Design and would like deepen your experiment or to have support with anything that comes up for you.


Type of meeting: live via Zoom.
Duration: 2 hours per meeting.

Price: € 250 (possibility of a payment plan - 2 installments of € 125).

Booking the date of the consultation:
After the payment, I will contact you via email and we will set a date for our meeting and discuss the direction of the session, and what you would like to get the most support with. For any questions please contact me at 


When you look at how you can connect with me through my work, you might not know the best choice for your needs. If that is the case, I want to offer you a free Strategy Zoom Call. It is a great way to see if what I offer might be for you, and when you decide to continue your Human Design Journey with me, we already have great insight into the direction we should go. You can book the free call here.

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