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When you discover your Human Design chart you are probably wondering what this graphic can show you. You may be confused what it all represents, no wonder, it can be quite complicated. I have created E-BOOK that will help you to navigate your chart.

You are going to discover a few things:


  • How to create your chart using authorised free websites.

  • The right way to look at your bodygraph and where to start exploring to avoid losing yourself in too many details at the beginning.

  • When you know what certain elements of your chart represent, you will discover the best way to learn about elements of your design, which includes free and paid options.

  • You will discover which components of your chart can inform you about your Life's Purpose and how to understand it.


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Human Design is a system that provides you with a map. This map is precise as it can be, with beautifully illustrated details, showing you a path to the biggest treasure you can find in the entire world - your uniqueness. There is no one like you. You are the one and only masterpiece of art, and I have proof. This proof is your chart in a form of a bodygraph that represents the most detailed aspects of your nature. It illustrates the flow of life running through you. 


You are a being that in essence is incredibly beautiful music, like a song, containing many sounds and a variety of different aspects, and you can play this music with harmony or disharmony. Since the moment you were born those sound frequencies came together to play the most original symphony of your essence. But guess what? You may feel like you never got the instructions on how to be the conductor of this orchestra, and how to play.

about my design

Hi, my name is Karina Apolonia, born into the body of a Manifestor (one of the Human Design Aura Types), and my mission is to impact you so profoundly, that you have no choice, but to love yourself. I do it with sensitivity, in the spirit of togetherness and support.

By interpreting your bodygraph, I desire to sing the song of your essence, transmuting the confusion of the past into profound realisations, so you can let go of the oppression of your mind telling you about everything that is wrong with you and should be changed. 


when you decide to go on a human design journey with me... 

When you decide to work with me, I take you on the practical, step-by-step journey to come back to yourself. To fiercely embody your unique frequency so that the natural joy of life has no choice, but to overflow. Only by coming back to living fully as ourselves, we can start to enjoy our life. At the same time, we all know that not everything in our earthly existence is without a struggle, but the fight to embrace your purpose is worth it. Real mutation comes when we cut through the delusion of false enthusiasm and existence based only on daydreaming, and we start to live it here and now, on the material plane. We need to start making practical choices that come only from our inner truth and nothing else.

By doing this work together with me, your life might be impacted on many different levels. I offer a specific structure and steps, which I call "Gateways", that are going to help you assimilate the knowledge and give you space to experiment with all the information, not only on a mental level but truly implementing it in your everyday life. 

1st gateway - your north star

This step is going to help you to let go of making decisions based on external conditioning, and instead, you will start to trust your own body signals which tell you what is correct for you. Each person has a unique and sophisticated navigation system and you can find it in the configuration of your chart. The biggest transformation that Human Design System can bring is for you to become your own authority, and to trust so deeply in yourself that no matter what the external world is saying, you always come back to what is true for you and only you. We all have different types of internal navigation tools, some of them are in the moment like gut feeling or intuition, or instinct, some of them are connected to emotional processes and require time, and some inner authorities are expressed through listening to the spontaneous, not planned expression of your voice. There are also rare authorities connected to the environment like sound boarding or lunar cycle. One thing is common, they are always coming from the body or connection of the body with the environment. In this part, we will dive deep into your specific body sensations (each person has a sophisticated signalling), to connect you with the map that leads you to the biggest treasure there is - living your life uniquely as yourself.

2nd gateway- in the eye of the storm

This step is designed to help you recognise the areas in your life where you can become vulnerable and be easily taken off track from following your inner authority. You have your own navigation system but sometimes everything else gets so loud that you can not hear the directions coming from your body.  We all experience pain during our lifetime, and most of it comes from the stories our minds tell us. You may recognise in yourself some of those stories:

  • Are you still trying to improve yourself because your mind tells you that you are not enough?

  • Are you avoiding the necessary truth, because your mind tells you that it is just easier to avoid confronting what you really feel?

  • Are you still feeling lost, not knowing what is your direction in life, because your mind tells you that you should be something and have a clear vision for yourself?

  • Are you still trying to find „a perfect love” because your mind tells you that „grass is always greener” in a different place, with different people?

  • Are you still holding on to the things, habits, places, and people who do not serve you because you fear that if you let go of those, you won’t survive?

  • Are you still looking for certainty in life because your mind tells you that you should have knowledge and education in order to be sure and make „the right” decisions? 

  • Do you not know when enough is enough? Are constantly busy, trying to do everything by yourself, trapped in a „fight or flight” mode, and with time, becoming so exhausted that your nervous system shuts down and you are barely able to take care of your basic needs?

  • Are you losing focus and thinking about things that are not important to you, getting easily distracted from what you know you should be focusing on?

  • Are you in a constant hurry, trying to get rid of the pressure, adding more and more tasks to your "to do list" ?

  • Are you trying to get attention because your mind tells you that you are invisible? 

You might have answered yes to some of these questions. These are just a few of the many areas of human experience we are going to dive deeper into and you will get practical solutions that can help you to overcome those obstacles. In order to embody the uncensored, and unique expression of our being we need to investigate what kind of mind stories are controlling our decision-making process and what to do about it.

the ways to work with me... 


There are a few ways I offer my knowledge and support. You may not know from the beginning if I am the right person for you. Human Design is all about making decisions that are coming from your own authority and sometimes that means taking your time and getting to know me as your potential Human Design consultant.

  • To get to know my work and my style I invite you to follow me on Social Media. You will be able to learn quite a lot from posts and videos about many aspects of  Human Design.  You can follow me on a few different platforms:

  • You can also book a free Discovery Call to discuss the things you would like to get support with using the perspective of your Human Design chart.  That is the best way for us to get to know each other and see if we are the right match. You can book your free call here.

  • If you are interested in finding out more about the types of consultation and coaching support I offer, as well as pricing and format of them, check it here.

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